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Baby Blocker Sun Shades
Get Maximum Exposure With Baby Blocker Sun Shade

Here's a mobile billboard, moving in the community of new mothers going to the mall or the baby store, that also cools the in-car environment for newborn babies. Take advantage, use Baby Blocker Sun Shades to promote your hospital, web site, maternity, pediatric or senior programs by delivering a customized image and message of your design or ours.

Given the limited development of skin protection mechanisms, newborns are especially susceptible to the harmful powers of UV rays and should never be exposed to direct sunlight. Here's an opportunity to aid new mothers in protecting their child while marketing your services at the same time. Baby Blocker Sun Shades have no hooks or suction cups that endanger children, they attach to windows through static cling, and once applied to a car window they will block out all harmful UV rays that threaten newborns with sunburn, premature skin aging and immune system damage.

Thank you for your time and interest. Please contact us for a sample.

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  • Customize the image and message of YOUR choice

  • Safe, hook-free, and suction-cup free

  • Fits any car window and ready to use

  • Mechanism-free, one-step application to any car window.

  • Mobile billboard moving in the community of new mothers.

  • Customized design promoting your care and services.

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