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Baby Ruler Growth Mat Changing Pad
See your baby grow everyday.

Now new mothers can chart their baby's growth every day, every week, and every month with our new Growth Mat Changing Pad. Here's a gift for your hospital's new mothers that they can use time and time again, and each instance be reminded of the special care and service you provided.

Baby Growth Mat Changing Pads are 3' x 1' ½", and awaiting the message and design of your choice. Choose the best colors to complement your program and highlight the possibilities of the services you offer. Stay ahead of the crowd and order your Growth Mat Changing Pads today... then let your competitors try to measure up.

To learn more about your See Me Grow Baby Ruler Growth Mat, please visit the for details and purchase.

Thank you for your time and interest. Please contact us for a sample.

  + US Patent Pending   

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  • Perfect premium gift for maternity tours and aftercare.

  • Folds or rolls into simple packaging to fit any baby bag.

  • Washable and dryable for everyday use.

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