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First Breath Greeting Card
Record your Baby's First Sound

FunTastic Media now offers the first Baby's first Breath Greeting Card that allows your proud new mothers to record their baby's first sound. This will be valued and saved as a priceless treasure. Imagine the friends and relatives of your new mothers all reveling at these remarkable cards that play a recording of the bouncing new baby! And each card providing maximum exposure for your health care center.

Why not reward your new mothers with a premium gift she will never forget... a priceless recording of her baby's first breath, cry, or sound promoting your Hospital name. At the same time remind them of the warm care you provided for this incredible event. Being different is being unique, so here's an opportunity for you to stand alone and leave a lasting impression on valued patients for years to come.

First Breath Recordable Greeting Cards utilize advanced one-step processing for simple push-and-record, then push-and-play standard operating.

Thank you for your time and interest. Please contact us for a sample.

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  • Perfect for Birth Announcements, Birthdays, Anniversaries and Vacation Postcards.

  • Personalized to promote your hospital's interests and services.

  • Records 10 seconds in one push of a button and can be used over 300 times.

  • Ideal premium gift for Maternity Tours and Health Fairs.

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