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Life Saving Baby T-Shirt
Keep Your Baby Alive... Sleep Your Baby On Its Back!

Did you know... SIDS claims almost 3,000 infants in the U.S. each year. That's nearly 9 babies everyday.
Here's another great birth gift idea—a t-shirt with a life-saving message. FuntasticMedia now offers a Baby's First T-Shirt to complement the care you've provided and leave a lasting impression of your effort. The Baby's First T-Shirt highlights your organization on its front while the back reminds new mothers to "Sleep Your Baby On Its Back!"

Let us help you promote your services with these 100% cotton, multi-colored tees for newborns whose mothers' will appreciate our precautionary message. Once again, FuntasticMedia opens a channel for your organization in the mom-to-mom referral network so crucial to an expecting mother's healthcare selection.

Thank you for your time and interest. Please contact us for a sample.

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  • SIDS deaths occur unexpectedly and quickly to apparently healthy infants, usually during periods of sleep.

  • Most SIDS victims are between two and four months of age.

  • SIDS occurs in families of all races and socioeconomic levels.

  • SIDS is NOT caused by suffocation, choking, immunizations or vaccinations. It is not contagious, nor is it a result of neglected illness or child abuse.

  • The risk of SIDS can be decreased with proper parental care.

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